Creating a Web Site for Top Google Exposure

Do I have to outsource it? Should I make it?

I need a homepage.

I thought about outsourcing it, so I looked it up

They say that it is easy to make a homepage on the Internet.

So I looked it up and found out how to code

Home page builder (a tool that allows you to create a home page on the web)

There seems to be a way to use it.

Everyone talks about being an expert, but I can’t trust anyone.

But it takes too much time for me to learn one by one.

What do I have to do?

If I can’t tell you how to make a homepage,

If you have no idea,

I’ll learn a little bit

I will choose to leave it to others.

So how much is it?

There will be someone who says I’m busy working.

At least go into the website builder

Pressing this and that, touching it, and making mistakes.

I’ll report another well-made site

Analyzing what’s good for.

If you don’t do that, you can leave it to me

There will be a high possibility of being caught in the eye.

In the website builder,

Even if you press the wrong button and pay,

The end is 20,000 won to 30,000 won per month.

Once you know something, you can make a request.

Go for it.

Developer-viewed website builders (wix, wordpress, I’m Web, Squareface, etc

Frankly, this tool is very useful.

The website you want

Unless you have a very unique feature

Everything can be implemented.

If you know how to code,

I’m going to insert a chord in a part of the song

It can also be improved.

He built it roughly as a website builder

We’re going to leave certain functions to the developer

Making a homepage at a low price

It’s worth considering.

I’m just going to tell the developer everything from 1 to 10

There is no reason to entrust it.

I don’t know how to do it

You’ll get the hang of it.

Then let’s go a little further.

How to make a homepage

If you want to know the specific flow,

If you want to know what to focus on,

Focus on the next article.

the purpose of a website

If you look for a website on NAVER,

There are many manufacturers of low-cost websites.

I don’t know if I can trust these places

You’ll be curious.

These places are set up in a template

in a way that is almost invariant

We sell the website.

So when you order a website,

It’s hard to do various experiments later on.

(Why are these different experiments important?)

It’s because of the inflow and UX that comes out below.

Let’s keep reading)

I don’t really have a low-cost website production company

I don’t blame you.

If it suits your needs,

I think they are very useful companies.

If you just put it in your business card,

If you want to use the website,

It doesn’t matter at all if you use such a company.

But in this day and age, I want that much

There will be a small number of people who make the homepage.

Then what am I supposed to do?

You know, when someone actually visits,

Someone left you an inquiry

Don’t you really want a live website?

Then, first of all,

You have to think about the purpose of your website.

Two things are important.

1. How are you going to make them come?

2. How do you want the visitor to behave?

The following points should be noted when creating a website. The first is to know about the inflow through SEO, 구글 로직 and advertising (performance marketing). The second consists of UX design within the website and landing page optimization (this is also a problem with UX in the end).

You won’t understand at all because there’s a sudden difficult story.

The most important thing is UX. I think I’ve heard of it somewhere

I wouldn’t have been interested in what it was about.

View the following image to understand UX very quickly.

I was watching YouTube and I saw a comment

Click on the link to see a pop-up like above.

The button on this pop-up is psychologically and cognitively

It’s easier to press ‘Cancel’.

First of all, the location of ‘Cancel’ is located on the left.

The order of buttons in a traditional pop-up window is

It consists of “confirmation” and “cancel”

The check on the left is often the action I want.

Like this.

I want to press “Yes” on the left.

This is the first part that creates a cognitive barrier

Makes you press ‘Cancel’.

What if I press “Cancel”?

That’s right. YouTube wants on YouTube

It remains on YouTube.

and then.

“Going Out”?

Burton’s name is ‘Get Out’.

Does it mean that it’s going to be released from this pop-up store? You can’t do that! Cancel it!

It is possible to think that

“Should I go out on YouTube?”

There’s definitely an explanation. What are you talking about?

People in this day and age don’t read properly anymore.

The duration of human concentration is

It is said to be eight seconds shorter than the current goldfish of the 2020s.

(The goldfish has 9 seconds;;)

When I was choosing the Cancel and Leave buttons below,

In other words, pop-up question phrases are far from memory.

Or it’s much more likely that you didn’t even read it in the first place.

And one more thing

If you want to know how to make a homepage,

Something to remember in this case.

When you click the link that connects to YouTube,

That pop-up doesn’t pop up.

You know what I mean.

It’s because the traffic inside the YouTube channel is not good enough

It is a UX that prevents it from escaping to the outside.

After all, UX

Tell the visitor what I want him to do

How to induce

have a purpose

The purpose of your website is

Can you say what it is?


capable of achieving that goal

How to make a homepage

Do you know it right?