Ethereum upgrade “Merge”

It is the Ethereum upgrade “Merge” that has been leading the rise in virtual currency since about two months ago. 바이빗 Today, let’s look at how to invest before and after the Ethereum upgrade, which is expected to take place around September 15. As I said in the previous post, Currently, Ethereum is a proof of work (PoW) method. The main purpose of the upgrade, Merge, is to switch to proof of equity (PoS).

The collapse of Terra and its sister coin LUNA

The biggest event in the cryptocurrency market in the first half of this year was the collapse of Terra and its sister coin LUNA, which plunged the price once reaching $100 to less than $0.1. The value of these two coins, which were ranked 9th and 10th in market capitalization, was once well over 100 trillion won. This has been reduced to nearly one-thousandth of a percentage of its value, hurting many investors, which has led countries around the world to move faster to regulate Stablecoin.

Elm bark “Yubaekpi”

Elm tree, one of Korea’s four major anticancer herbs along with Hagoseo, Ggipbong, and Wasong, is widely used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer treatment in oriental medicine, and is listed in the Korea Pharmaceutical Affairs…