How to deposit and withdraw money from the MEXC 거래소 한국어

Today, I will tell you how to deposit and withdraw money from the MEXC 거래소 한국어 as Upbit. Recently, I think many people are using it because I have been actively marketing as a blogger on the MEXC exchange. In addition, unlike other overseas coin exchanges, it supports Korean, so it is a suitable exchange for Korin to use. There is a reason for popular exchanges.

First, there are some conditions to see when transferring money from MEXC to Upbit and Upbit to MEXC. I think the most important thing is [Kimchi Premium].

Gimpga: Gimpga

What is Kimchi Premium?

Each exchange has a different coin price, and if the coin price of the domestic exchange is higher than that of the overseas exchange, it is expressed that kimchi premium is included, and if the coin price of the domestic exchange is lower than that of the overseas exchange, it is expressed that reverse premium is included.

* Overseas Bitcoin Price > Domestic Bitcoin Price = ‘Yokp’

* Overseas Bitcoin Price <Domestic Bitcoin Price = ‘Gimp’

Usually, coins on domestic exchanges are more expensive than coins on overseas exchanges, and “Kimchi Premium” is about 2-3%. But now, maybe it’s because of the downturn, but the kimchi is 0%, which is almost similar to the reverse premium!

Therefore, since MEXC is an overseas exchange, it is beneficial to send funds when the kimchi premium is low and bring them to Korea when the kimchi is stuck, right? Why WHY? Because it can be sold more expensive in Korea (Upbit) than in overseas (MEXC) coin prices Isn’t it amazing?

Then, in earnest, MEXC -> Upbit /// Upbit -> MEXC

(MEXC’s main theme is green, and upbeat’s main theme is blueh)

Let’s find out how to deposit and withdraw coins between exchanges!!

How to withdraw as Upbit from MEXC

MEXC —-> Upbit

It is simple to withdraw money from MEXC as Upbit.

1. Check the deposit address in Upbit

[Input and withdrawal] – [TRX input] – [Copy my Tron deposit address] Please proceed in this order. It doesn’t matter if you enter the Tron deposit address directly, but it’s the same perfectly so that there’s no problem sending coins. Please press the copy button to proceed~

2. Click the Tron withdrawal button on the MEXC exchange

Click Assets – Asset Accounts – TRX Input – Withdraw.

3. Enter withdrawal address and submit

Attach the upbit deposit address copied from 1. You must enter the correct deposit address to prevent coins from evaporating. Please be aware of it! You don’t have to write it down Haha

4. Deposit completed after certification~

Coin transfer is completed by email authentication and Google OTP authentication. You can wait about 3 to 4 minutes for the deposit time. Tron’s transmission speed is fast, so it goes fast

I thought the withdrawal from the MEXC exchange to Upbit was completed successfully, but…

5. Upbit business agreement with MEXC.ㅜ

They are currently continuing to collaborate with MEXC and Upbit. The travel rule hasn’t been certified yet. There is a risk of asset loss now, so it would be better not to deposit and withdraw. I canceled it while hosting the show Haha, I recommend you to use Bithumb Exchange or go through routes such as MEXC -> Binance -> Upbeat! Anyway, you can do the withdrawal method as above Haha

How to withdraw money from Upbit to MEXC

Upbit —> MEXC

This time, I will tell you how to send coins to Upbit to MEXC on the other way around.

1. Check MEXC Asset Account

Log in to MEXC first, then click Asset Account

2. Click [Deposit]

Once you have entered the asset account, please enter TRX, the ticker of Tron, in the search box and click Deposit. When you send coins from other exchanges to MEXC, you can press the deposit.

3. Check the deposit network and address

Check Tron’s network and deposit address. If you look at the end of the column with the address, there is an icon overlapped with squares, and if you press it, it will be copied. Just in case you don’t know, make sure to press that button to copy^^

4. Upbit withdrawal application

Go to Upbit and proceed in the order of [Input withdrawal] – [Input search box TRX] – [Input withdrawal quantity and confirmation.

You can enter the deposit address you copied from MEXC earlier in Upbit. You don’t have to leave a note lol Finally, if you authenticate Kakao Pay and wait a while, Tron will be transferred to the MEXC exchange. It’s easy, right? I think it usually takes about 4 minutes. And since Upbit does not have a travel rule agreement with mexc, you have to send only funds under 1 million won!

Today, I briefly told you how to deposit and withdraw money from MEXC. It is sent from Upbit to MEXC, but please note that it is not available from Upbit in MEXC. I think you have to check before sending it Thank you